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  • Precision reducer
  • Precision reducer
  • Precision reducer
  • Precision reducer
Precision reducer
HLAE series

◆ Very flexible installation

◆ Certified security

◆ Clean, convenient and safe

◆ Unique round design

  • Precision reducer
  • Precision reducer
  • Precision reducer
  • Precision reducer

HLAE has unique advantages: it is the first certified planetary reducer with hygienic design - the reducer has no bolts, so it is flexible; Outstanding performance; Easy to clean. It is specially developed for applications in sensitive fields, such as medicine, cosmetics and food industry.


Very flexible during installation

Unique circular shape

Clean, convenient and safe

Certified security

Can be installed anywhere

Lifetime lubrication, therefore maintenance free

Reducer parameters HLAE070 HLAE090 HLAE110 P
transmission ratio 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10 one
transmission ratio 9, 12, 15, 16, 20, 25, 32, 40, 64,100 two
service life
Efficiency at full load % 98/97
Minimum operating temperature/maximum operating temperature -25/90
Degree of protection IP69K
Food grade lubrication Grease (lifetime lubrication)
Installation position arbitrarily
Standard return clearance arcmin <10-<12
<7-<9 <7-<9
Torsional stiffness Nm/arcmin 2.2-3.2 6.6-9.0 13.5-20.5
Weight of reducer kg 2.1-2.5 3.8-4.5 7.3-9.0
Standard box surface Box: stainless steel 1.4404 - electropolished
Running noise dB/(A) fifty-eight sixty sixty-five
Maximum bending moment based on reducer input flange
Nm eight sixteen forty

Output shaft load
Radial force of 20000h/radial force of 30000h
N 400-450 600-900 1050-1450
Axial force of 20000h/axial force of 30000h N 500-550 1000-1500 2000-2500
20000 h tilting moment Nm twenty-two forty-nine one hundred and nine

Output torque HLAE070 HLAE090 HLAE110 Grade
Rated output torque Nm
15-33 38-87 95-171 one
15-33 38-87 95-171 two
Maximum output torque Nm 24-53 61-140 152-274 one
24-53 61-140 152-274 two
Emergency stop torque
30-66 76-174 190-342 one
30-66 76-174 190-342 two

Geometric dimensions HLAE070 HLAE090 HLAE110 Grade
Output shaft diameter
mm fourteen twenty twenty-five
Diameter of output retaining lug mm forty fifty-eight sixty-five
Box diameter
mm sixty-nine eighty-eight one hundred and nine
Total length
one hundred and twenty-three point five one hundred and forty-six one hundred and ninety-one one
one hundred and thirty-five point five one hundred and sixty-six two hundred and nineteen two
Output shaft length mm forty-one point seven fifty sixty-six point five